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The goal of The Buggars is to simply have fun, meet new people and enjoy the Freeze Tag gaming community. It's not so much about reality but about the interaction between gamers who enjoy the Mefy Freeze Tag Mod.

  • Friendly Fire is always on, all weapons are permitted. Yes, even the bazooka.
  • We do realize TKs happen and if so apologies are appreciated.
  • Intentional TKs are not permitted, nor is foul or offensive language. A good guideline is to behave as you would if you were a guest in someone's house.
  • Please keep spamming to a minimum but do not hesitate to use game messages to welcome new visitors and to interact with those not on Teamspeak.
  • Above all else the Admins of The Buggars commit ourselves to developing a friendly and respectful gaming atmosphere and encourage all our guests to help in this effort.
  • If you have any problems with other players during the game please don't hesitate to ask help from the present Admins (players with tags like |BUG| on).
  • Before complaining about a fellow gamer, be sure that he is not just a new player in the MOH FT gaming experience who just needs some help and guidance to enjoy the game.
  • Don't forget, We were ALL NOOBS once! :D
  • The Buggars do not accept applications for membership. However, if through extended gameplay and forum participation the Buggars take notice of you an invitation may be extended to join our family.